Carrera y Carrera -- Renata Litvinova Movie for 130th Anniversary

December 18, 2015 Celebrities

Carrera y Carrera - Renata Litvinova Film

Carrera y Carrera Announce Premiere of Renata Litvinova’s Short Film Dedicated to the 130th Anniversary of the Jewelry House

This summer Carrera y Carrera initiated shooting of Renata Litvinova’s short film "Madam K's Madrid Incident". Renata Litvinova became its scriptwriter, director, and the lead. The film featured Russian and Spanish actors: Uliana Dobrovskaya, Aleksandra Fedorova, Lyubov Inzhinevskaya, Remedios Caballero, and Juan Miguel Triviño.
Special appearance in the film was made by Carrera y Carrera jewelry created in various period of the 130-year history of the Spanish Jewelry House. Vintage dresses from 1920’s–1970’s were selected as costumes, and the film was shot in the old Madrid Ritz Hotel.

Renata Litvinova says, “This 15-minute art-film "Madam K's Madrid Incident" is a story of an adventuress, not even a villainess but a victim of beautiful jewelry – in particular necklaces and rings by Carrera y Carrera!"

“...The thing is I love jewels above all things, and in my opinion such misdeeds are quite forgivable! Our film’s heroine – Madam K. – steels them not for profiteering but for herself, unable to resist the temptation to hold this beauty! Now I’m basically acting as a lawyer for my heroine, who can dream, imagine, desire, and live in her imaginary world, where strangers give you diamonds as a gift, for nothing!
Our Russian heroine does not even dream of a prince any more, she just dreams of a gentleman, who simply tucks her “dream” under her pillow… and disappears! We will never see him... It’s a little sad that he never actually existed! Yet ability to dream is the most important thing. Like our character says in the end of the film, "Be careful what you wish for, you may receive it"!

“Such crime may as well be forgiven!” the filmmaker Renata Litvinova says.

Director, scriptwriter: Renata Litvinova
Cameramen: Mikhail Kvirikadze, Elena Sarapultseva, and Sergey Gimro


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