Romance en el loto, love at first sight

November 30, 2014 Press

Romance en el loto - Carrera y Carrera

Mi Musa (My Muse) is the new collection from Carrera y Carrera into which Manuel Carrera once again infuses all his creativity, paying homage to his eternal muse, his wife Marina.  A collection created because of her and for her, an authentic tribute to true love.  Jewels full of feeling, harmony, fantastic composition, and exemplary execution.

Over 50 years ago, Manuel Carrera, Honorary Chairman of Carrera y Carrera, saw young Marina for the first time.  He watched her without knowing that Marina had also noticed him.  Once their eyes met, sparks flew.  Despite this, something stopped him from going to speak with her.  She was everything he had ever dreamed.  After a time, Manuel mustered enough courage to approach her and say, “My name is Manolo.”  And that was the beginning of a story of unwavering loyalty and love that endures to this day and inspires the new collection from Carrera y Carrera: Romance en el loto (Romance in the Lotus).

Romance en el loto (Romance in the Lotus) is a tribute to immortal love.  This line is the symbol of the love story between Manuel Carrera and his beloved Marina.  The frogs are the representation of both, a delightful way to remember their first date, their first glances, and the beginning of the eternal love that they continue professing today.

The characteristic matte-gloss finish of Carrera y Carrera jewels is shown off to perfection in these new Romance en el loto (Romance in the Lotus) pieces.  The firm’s artisans carefully protect the areas of the piece they want to keep glossy, leaving uncovered the areas of the jewel they want to have in matte.  A very painstaking process that requires a special skill which can only be acquired over time and with the experience that comes from working in the Spanish jewelry firm’s Madrid workshop.

Manuel Carrera places two frogs as a symbol of mutual love upon lotus leaves which in turn symbolize elegance, beauty, perfection, purity, and the grace that undoubtedly are the attributes belonging to his wife, Marina Carrera.

The Romance en el loto (Romance in the Lotus) earrings are crafted in yellow and white gold, rubies, and diamonds, and are the perfect example of the characteristic and creative Carrera y Carrera style.

Romance en el loto (Romance in the Lotus) is a collection with a romantic and symbolic theme, ideal to declare love to a loved one.  A testament to the love between brand founder Manuel Carrera and his wife Marina.  An indestructible love that has lasted over 50 years.  The Romance en el loto (Romance in the Lotus) mini ring is a genuine exercise in jewelry expertise, highlighting the skillful combination of yellow and white gold with emeralds, rubies, and diamonds.

The jewels in the Romance en el loto (Romance in the Lotus) collection from Carrera y Carrera consist of various pieces that must be cast one by one and subsequently assembled to create the jewel that ultimately will be available at point of sale.  The frog that appears in this collection is a genuine mini sculpture crafted in gold with a high level of realism.  Work in mini sculpture has made Carrera y Carrera a benchmark in the world of international jewelry since its inception.

Romance en el loto (Romance in the Lotus) is a collection very rich in precious stones such as diamonds, rubies, and emeralds.  Very elaborate pieces in an impeccable combination of white and yellow gold.  Jewels that bear the signature and know-how of Carrera y Carrera. 

Emphatic pieces that contrast with the delicacy of the details in each jewel.  The mini pendant from Romance en el loto (Romance in the Lotus) is the perfect example of this jewelry expertise.

For Manuel Carrera, the origin of life is in water, and hope for the survival of the species is in love.  In one of his trips to India, Manuel rediscovered the importance of water, and also the significance of one of its floating plants – the lotus.  By joining these elements of nature with the animal kingdom, Manuel Carrera has created Romance en el loto (Romance in the Lotus), an ode to the love he has professed to his wife Marina for over 50 years.

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