Sparkling Winter

December 31, 2014 Press

Invierno brillante - Carrera y Carrera

Winter, specifically the month of January, is one of the seasons with the lowest temperatures, yielding bucolic winter landscapes.  During this month, Carrera y Carrera pays tribute to this season of the year with a series of photographs inspired by cold landscapes where jewels in white gold with diamonds shine in all their glory.

The Claveles necklace – one of the Fine Jewelry pieces from Carrera y Carrera – is crafted in white gold with diamonds and is full of Spanish flavor and symbolism.

Like a story set in Antarctica, this picture perfectly reflects the winter cold.  Snowy trees, snowflakes, and the characteristic white hue of the season are the ideal companions for the Sierpes ring from the Seda Imperial collection by Carrera y Carrera.  This jewel is crafted in white gold, diamonds, and moonstone, whose characteristic grey tone is perfect for this time of year.

The Parque del Retiro in Madrid is one of the locals’ favorite places to stroll at any time, but is in January when this landmark of the Spanish capital presents one of the loveliest views of the year.  The vignette of idyllic paths tinged in white is one of the prettiest images that can be seen in this idyllic location.  In this picture, which aims to recreate this moment, the Bambú bracelet in white gold with diamonds blends perfectly with the winter landscape.

Winter is one of the most photographable seasons of the year.  Snowy landscapes, whitened tree branches, and snow-covered ground are some of the most fun images to immortalize in photos.  Carrera y Carrera jewels in white gold with diamonds are the ideal complement for this time of year, such as the Garzas ring from the Seda Imperial collection.  With its voluptuous shapes, sublime details, and magnificent finish, this ring is an excellent example of gold craftsmanship.

For Carrera y Carrera, winter is the brightest time of year.  The brand has created many jewels in white gold and diamonds over the years.  All of them are hand-made one by one by artisan goldsmiths at the firm’s workshop in Madrid, Spain.  The De Luces pendant is an authentic tribute to the “suit of lights” worn by bullfighters, true works of art like the pieces from Carrera y Carrera.

Snowflakes are one of the most recognizable symbols of winter all over the world.  Their star shape symbolizes the arrival of the cold.  The Sierpes pendant, part of the Seda Imperial collection by Carrera y Carrera, is crafted in white gold, diamonds, and chalcedony and looks spectacular in the wintry picture that accompanies these lines.

White, gray, and blue are some of the colors associated with winter.  If we add a bit of sparkle to the equation, we will have a completely wintry image.  Such as the one accompanying these lines where the Emperatriz ring, part of the Seda Imperial collection, shines in all its glory.  Crafted in white gold, diamonds, and blue topaz, this ring of daring volumes and audacious asymmetry yields an innovative and bold vision of the floral theme.

Nostalgia is one of the characteristic feelings associated with winter.  Thoughts of dear ones, past loves, or childhood may surface at this time of year.  The weather and the bucolic winter landscapes such as those in this image perfectly represent nostalgic feelings.  The Río bracelet belonging to the Peacock collection is crafted in white gold, green tourmaline, iolite, blue sapphires, tsavorite garnets, and diamonds, and is one of the most impressive pieces in the history of Carrera y Carrera.

One of the unmistakable characteristics of winter is that the days are much shorter while the nights are much longer.  It is a special time where evening celebrations need not stop being celebrated.  The Claveles earrings by Carrera y Carrera – crafted by hand in white gold and diamonds by the firm’s artisan goldsmiths – are the perfect accessory for the evening looks typical of this time of year.

During winter, many animals hibernate due to the low temperatures of the season.  Butterflies take advantage of this time of year to hide and undergo their metamorphosis until warmer temperatures return.  For Carrera y Carrera, this insect is of great importance as it is the principal theme of its mythic collection Baile de Mariposas.  The Twist ring in white gold, diamonds, and blue topaz is immortalized in this markedly winter image.

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